Our Vision

We plan on making history with Evermore Park, both literally and figuratively. The park’s design mimics the look and charm of a classic/old European hamlet, set in beautiful botanical gardens. Evermore’s style is largely influenced by the art and culture of Medieval, Celtic and Victorian times… and in many ways, Evermore is indeed historical. Many of the building, garden and set features are antique pieces collected throughout Europe, giving the park an unparalleled level of authenticity. This attention to detail, combined with the best in classic artistry (such as character, costume, sound, music and set design merged with cutting edge entertainment technologies) creates a living, breathing place of imagination and magic like no other.

Our Founder

Ken Bretschneider is a true entrepreneur. Having experience and passion for the arts, he has founded multiple startups which have gone on to worldwide success. From a very young age Ken dreamt of entertaining people in a fully immersive way. To allow people to experience fantastical new worlds and have adventures beyond imagination. With Evermore Park that dream is finally coming true.

Our Creators

Our creators are a group of highly trained professionals, each specializing in areas that are uniquely relevant to the development of this immersive world. This dedicated group of business professionals and creative experts has achieved high levels of success in their individual fields. From creature creation and storytelling to visual effects and costume design Evermore has assembled an amazing team to bring this one of a kind park to life.


Resurrection Fern Timelapse

12-hour Timelapse of a Resurrection Fern from our Horticultural Team.

Evermore Park Construction, Creatures & Antiques

The latest & greatest from our Construction Site & Creative Studio.

Construction Progress of Evermore Park

Get an update on this one of a kind park, located in Pleasant Grove, UT.