In the daytime hours, Evermore Park is an immersive and experiential Garden Adventure. Guests have free roam of the park including the Towne Square, Themed Botanical Gardens and Olde Towne. There are plenty of experiences to have upon a given visit to Evermore, and with so much to do, no two visits will be quite the same. So whether enjoying a single day pass or the benefits of an annual pass, there will always be new adventures waiting around every corner.

English Garden

Abound in wildflowers true to the classic English tradition, this garden is home to both an old tavern and a large mill house. Other sights include a serene koi pond at the end of a charming waterfall, and mysterious statuette heads who silently watch over the park from a time long forgotten.

Victorian Garden

In this forgotten graveyard, come listen to whispers of the past. Take in the exquisite architecture of the Victorian mausoleum as you make your way through this picturesque, mystical place. Home to one of the most inspiring fountains within Evermore, there is much to see in this unique garden.

Celtic Garden

The Celts were very close to their Mother Earth and Father Woods. Journey through an ancient archway, into a much older time, when the Green Man was awake, and people dwelled under the hills. Discover at the forge where warriors craft their weapons, and enjoy the sweet fragrance of lush greenery growing along the garden’s ageless path.

Fantasy Garden

Go beyond reality in to a fantastical realm where magic is possible, and beings of age old lore still rule. From deep rooted ruins to the elven tree houses, there is much to explore in this place of wonder. Come uncover these secrets and many more as you wander this garden that is intertwined with fantasy and life.


With over 200 unique plant species in the collection, our world-class gardens will be classified as a Level 2 Arboretum. Descriptive signage and educational materials throughout the park will enhance your garden experience. Enjoy special “hidden plant” self-guided tours, as well as entering horticulture gardening classes. which will be taught on-site by the professional inhabitants of Evermore. This is a botanical garden unlike any other, fused with historic architectural details that will leave you feeling as if you have stepped back in time, in to a magical world.


Resurrection Fern Timelapse

12-hour Timelapse of a Resurrection Fern from our Horticultural Team.

Evermore Park Construction, Creatures & Antiques

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Construction Progress of Evermore Park

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