Evermore’s Town Square is the starting point for all your adventures. A gathering place for our event festivals and home to delicious treats, beautiful views and unique animal interaction. You will never tire of visiting the heart of Evermore.  

Copper Confection

Delicious handmade confections will be available each day in this classical Victorian shop. It is easy to find exactly what satisfies your sweet cravings here, or find a gift for that special someone.

Notting Glass House

Within this picturesque structure is a veritable menagerie of beautiful living wonders, with many unusual plants and distinctive animals. But be cautious, as not everything may be as friendly as it appears.

Emery Chapel

Genuine antique architectures and elements acquired in Europe give the old world gothic chapel a spirit all its own.

Evermore Café

Come eat some delicious food with a view of the grand Towne Square. With an eclectic decor that melds elements of the park, this café will give you a glimpse into the creative world of Evermore. Evermore Café will feature locally sourced and organically grown produce. Enjoy our outdoor patio with a fantastic view of the dancing fountains.

Evermore Barn

The massive Evermore Barn with it’s majestic wood timbers and antique lighting will be a wonderous place to host events and parties. It is also the central location for park and event information. Evermore’s corporate and creative offices are housed on the second floor.

The Fountains of Evermore

Whether playing in the interactive water playground, relaxing as you gaze into the reflection pond, or watching a magical dancing water performance, the Evermore Fountain will always be a place of wonder.


Resurrection Fern Timelapse

12-hour Timelapse of a Resurrection Fern from our Horticultural Team.

Evermore Park Construction, Creatures & Antiques

The latest & greatest from our Construction Site & Creative Studio.

Construction Progress of Evermore Park

Get an update on this one of a kind park, located in Pleasant Grove, UT.